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temporality n : the worldly possessions of a church [syn: temporalty]

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  1. The condition of being bounded in time (of being temporal.)


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Temporality is a term often used in philosophy in talking about the way time is. The traditional mode of temporality is a linear procession of past, present, future. Some 20th century philosophers have made various interpretations of temporality in ways other than this linear manner; for example, the present moment emerging only from where our projected future is curled back into a past.
Examples: McTaggart and the The Unreality of Time, Husserl's analysis of internal time consciousness, Heidegger's Being and Time, George Herbert Mead's Philosophy of the Present, Derrida's criticisms of Husserl's analysis and Nietzsche's eternal return of the same, though this latter pertains more to historicity which temporality gives rise to.
temporality in Russian: Темпоральность
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